1. What do yall do?

We roast quality coffee beans and send them to you!!!


2. What kind of coffee can I buy from Monument?

We have three single origin coffees you can pick from: Colombia, Ethiopia and Nicaragua. You can buy them in 12 ounce bags either whole bean or ground for you - your choice.


3. What is different about you versus other coffee I can buy?

Our beans are quality, we check them all. Additionally, each bag of coffee goes towards providing 10 meals for families in need.


4. What are the differences between each different kind of coffee?

Nicaragua is our sweetest blend, with chocolate notes in it.

Colombia is our sweet, tart, more South American feel coffee.

Ethiopia is true African coffee - fruity, more acidic, lemon notes.

They're all about a medium roast right now (we hope to release some other roasts soon...).


5. Can I set up a subscription? So I can always have great tasting coffee in the morning!

Absolutely...VERY soon!!! Keep watching our Instagram to see when we are dropping subscriptions!